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Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Winter in Montana

Kalispell HVAC is the highest-rated heating and cooling company in Montana. Lead by the owners, our team of seasoned professionals has the necessary knowledge and skills to handle HVAC repairs or installations, regardless of the scale or building type! We cover heating, cooling, air conditioning installations, repairs, and all emergencies.

Kalispell HVAC is available Monday-Sunday, with technicians standing by ready to handle any situation. With a dedication to maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate, you won’t find a better HVAC provider anywhere else in the state! We’re the experts in our field with an extensively proven track record. Though we operate out of Kalispell, our HVAC services extend to nearby cities, including Whitefish, Creston, Batavia, Bigfork, and Columbia Falls!


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The Ultimate HVAC Solutions for Every Home and Budget


What started as a humble small business with only a few clients over a decade ago has grown into one of the largest HVAC installers in the state, serving over 50k customers annually! With this level of output, and while still maintaining a 100% review rate, we can confidently state that Kalispell HVAC provides the best heating and air conditioning services in Montana! From Kalispell to Big Fork to Lakeside and beyond, we have happy customers across the state.

Kalispell HVAC uses a four-step process for every job, which we’ve painstakingly developed and refined over the years. The thoroughness of this process ensures you get the absolute best price, whether you’re installing a brand-new ac unit or need some general repairs. This process is second to none, and we apply it to every single job we do.

Fast Service, Always

Many companies claim their services are available any time but will leave you stranded with a broken HVAC system in the middle of the night.

Repair Services On-Demand

Ever find yourself in need of HVAC repairs? Whether it be your ac, heating, equipment, duct, or anything else, our repair services are available on-demand.

Leaders in the HVAC Industry

Backed by years of hard-earned work, Kalispell HVAC is an industry leader in heating, cooling, and air conditioning solutions here in Montana.

No Hidden Fees

Our pricing is entirely transparent. The free quote you get is exactly how much it will cost to complete the job, with no surprises.

Top-Quality Equipment & Materials

At Kalispell HVAC, we’ve taken the time to carefully study, test, and review each material we use on the job.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Consistent customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business, and we have every intention of keeping that up!

Your Home is in Good Hands with Our Four-Step Process


Perform a Complete Assessment

Kalispell HVAC’s professional crew will perform a careful, whole-home assessment. The assessment covers every nook and cranny of your home’s space, making sure you receive the best system at the lowest possible price


Create your Home’s Prescription Plan

After a thorough assessment, we create a comprehensive “prescription plan” for the coming HVAC installation or repair process. We diagnose your home’s unique layout and traits to create a perfect plan of action. This plan details the most critical locations in your home for optimum air quality and energy-efficiency.


Enhance Home Performance

An improperly installed HVAC system can have detrimental effects on your home’s energy performance, which inevitably leads to a higher monthly bill. After creating a home prescription plan, our technicians begin the installation process. Through every step of the process, they pay close attention to the key areas that will maximize your HVAC’s performance and save you money.


Quality-Control Testing

The fourth step comes after the installation or repairs are complete. Though we’re confident in our ability to get things done right the first time, this step ensures no problems, no matter how minor, managed to slip through the cracks. This quality control ensures your HVAC system hums with perfect efficiency for years to come.

Our HVAC Work Speaks for Itself

Kalispell HVAC has over a decade of experience providing Kalispell, Evergreen, Somers, and Kila with heating and cooling solutions. We could keep rambling on about how fantastic we are and why you should choose us, but we’ve done enough of that. With an annual rate of 50k HVAC installations and repairs per year, our work speaks for itself.

What more is there to say? If you’ve made it this far on the site, you know what we offer, what we stand for, and how we do our work. If you’re still not convinced, give us a call today and talk with one of our helpful and friendly team members—If they can’t sway your opinion, nothing will!

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